The Automated Intelligence Platform

Epiphany Ai is a tech stack designed for the efficient delivery and optimization of video advertisements to world-wide users on all devices.

Our Epiphany Ai Platform is built with an automated intelligence core.  It actually gets smarter the more data it processes.

Flash and HTML5 Compliant

Processes Over a Billion Daily Impressions

A Safe Place to Buy and Sell Video

Built into EpiphanyAI are the top DMPs in the industry, including Integral Ad Science, DoubleVerify, and Forensiq to keep our buyers and sellers safe.

With users in over 100 countries Advertisers can reach a global audience on ALL DEVICES through our partnership.

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Bad Guys Beware

We work with the industry’s top DMP’s to keep our inventory clean.  We are constantly scanning our inventory to ensure our buyers are not wasting their money on Fraud.  Bad Guys Beware, you will not pass our gates.


We scan out billions of impressions every day that do not meet our quality standards because we put Ethics First and Revenue Second – wow – what a concept.

DoubleVerify TrueURL Score 99%
I.A.S. Clean Traffic Score 97%
Forensiq Clean Impression Ratio 95%
I.A.S. Suspicious Traffic Rating 3%

About Us

At Epiphany, we are a team of adtech experts and technologists dedicated to the advancement of the video advertising ecosystem.

We provide some of the industry's most robust technologies to some of the largest players in the game.

Our main office is located in Denver, Colorado with a finance and media office in New York.

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