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A Few Features of The EAi Platform

Video Creation Tools 

Our systems are built with both LIVE and VOD creation tools, perfect for independent journalists, news agencies, publishers, and anyone, anywhere, creating content on the fly.  Utilize our Consumer Journalism feature to enable anyone with a smart phone to become your reporter.


Video Management Tools

You can manage all of your video assets in one unified platform, making it easy to build your digital library.  Sit back and watch as your reporters upload content.  When you find something you like, build a video player, wrap it in an ad system, and monetize it.  All in the span of like, 30 seconds.


Monetization Tools

We are connected to the World’s best advertisers through Epiphany Ai’s integrated video exchange.  Users can now monetize their LIVE and VOD events, easily and effectively by using the EAi Platform.  Sophisticated users can utilize our tools to mange all of their Demand Tags in one place, while routing to sources based on pre-set rules.

About Us

At Epiphany Ai we think that great companies are built on great products.

We’ve planted our focus on building ad technology that directly connects brands and publishers.

We provide some of the industry's most robust technologies to some of the largest players in the game.

Our office is located in Denver, Colorado.

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